Target audience

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Ce izbrises ta email, res nimas srca. Zdravo! Sem 29-letni ocka. Skupaj z zeno sva imela precudovito zivljenje skupaj. Bog naju je blagoslovil s hcerko. Hcerki je ime Rachel in je stara komaj 10 mesecev. Nedavno so zdravniki ugotovili, da ima raka na mozganih v njenem telescu. Obstaja samo en nacin, da jo resijo .

Lecture analysis

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It went ok. Compared to the other lectures, the crowd was huge (Under huge see more than ten people). I re-edited the presentation and I noticed that the changes were well-accepted (You were right, Marko…examples do make the best impression). All in all, nothing too exciting, the only thing I noticed is that I was

A: You have any idea how hard it is to find this band on the internet?


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New-age moms

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You meet all sorts of people in the waiting room. First thing that amazes me is that people are saying “Good luck!” to complete strangers when they are entering the doctor`s office. Almost felt like we were on a mining expedition and we are going down under. Second amazing thing was this new age mom

A (standing next to the chair, syringe in one hand, cotton in the other): So, what do you study? B (sitting on the chair, mouth full of cotton): Journghmfdgfgm A: Are you more of a theorist or are you a man of action? B: Mghtghgfgp *after the procedure* A: You never did tell me your

I always found it funny how people say “He took the easy way out” when some criminal dies. Seriously…what was he suppose to do? You want to keep a person like that alive so that…what? You could kill him, resurrect him, kill him, resurrect him…ad infinitum? How can you possibly think that one man can

Now I know how babies feel. Yuck.