Catching up…

14.03.2006  •  Osebno1

Hey, don`t look at me! It`s not my fault nobody has been posting for the last two days. Seriously (and we can even count those two photoblog entries under the “Get the green square at si.blogs” category)! I even got a guest blogger and everything and yet the song remains the same. First thing`s first.

Paradox of our society

10.03.2006  •  Osebno3

On one hand, everybody is full of independence and freedom and your own unique personality and on the other hand people are alone. And lonely. Go figure.

I went to a post-graduate lecture yesterday. Prof. Nick Jankowski was talking about Investigating Online Communities: Considerations and Proposals for Empirical Research and maybe I had my hopes set up a little too high. It was still an interesting talk, and the debate that took place after. There`s one quote I simply must share with

It`s just sad…

08.03.2006  •  Osebno0

…how many people think that 8th of March is about flowers and 25th of December is about chicken.

I am sure that by now everybody saw Rebeka, a juicy peach from the Vipava valley. I`m sure everybody expressed it`s opinion on the matter, be it “Nekkid chick! Whoo-hooo!” or “You`re going straight to hell for that one!“. The issue I am going to debate here will be an ethical one, however, it will

We went to the event today. It was “EU meets its people” with commisioner Potočnik and vice-president of the european commision Margot Wallström. We were there, sitting in the first row (and this time I am positive!), listening to smart people. And listening to some really fucking stupid rednecks as well. How do I know