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Please, please, please. If you would be oh so kind and click through fifteen questions I would be most happy. Every reader of the L Files ought to participate, but I guess I`ll be happy if the regulars do it. The survery can be found on the Surveyillance sub-page on the right. Thanks a b-log!

“I hurt myself today, To see if I still feel, I focus on the pain, The only thing that’s real, The needle tears a hole, The old familiar sting, Try to kill it all away, But I remember everything, What have I become?” – Nine inch nails The ritual of self-mutilation was never something I

…and gets burned. Blogs are becoming more and more mainstream and it`s no wonder that the newspapers are catching on. We`ve seen multiple articles about the mighty blog but the recent one, published in the slovene edition of PLAYBOY takes the cake. At least the rotten piece. First, the good stuff. The article stretches on

…cause I thought, you know….

The plan was simple. Go to the drugstore, go to the mall, get back, drink lemonade. The end. Simple plans are never simple. Ever. I should`ve known that by now. The drugstore: Some weird people go to places like this. They DO sell drugs, right? Anyway, there were two lines. One with people who actually


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Days when you should hang your flag: 8. february, Prešernov dan, slovene cultural holiday, 27. april, Resistance against the fascism day, (can anybody offer a better translation?) 1. and 2. may, labour day, 25. june, Declaration of independence, 26. december, Independence day OR When the president or the prime minister or the president of the


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Little red riding hood goes through the forest. She comes to her grandma house. Paul Bunyan charges in through the window. Then Rashomon happens. Compared to Ice age 2, this cartoon kicks ass. It`s funny, the humour is PG13 and the dialogues are entertaining. It`s basically a classic red riding hood story with a twist

The plan is simple. Do 100 kilometers of biking per week. Keep doing it until the temperatures drop below biking zero (till september) or till I get myself into another one of those “freak” accidents. This category is more or less a tab of rides, with lots of useless (for you) data. Maybe some photo


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Impressions of the day

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