How long till they ban this one?


Maybe billboards should earn their own category. Seeing how often they appear on my blog recently.

This one is really neat. It`s an add for a new science/nature magazine and they are posting unique 3D posters all over the place. One of them depicts a man and a woman making love. In extremo.

Already banned in one muncipiality of Slovenia, I guess it`s only a matter of time till the rest of the band follows suit. And once again, babies are brought by a stork.


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  1. Lilit

    Ni problem v tem, da prikazuje seks, ampak v ideji, da bo pritegnilo vec ljudi, ce bo na kakrsenkoli nacin namigovalo na seks.
    In najbrz jih bo res. Kar je mogoce se malo bolj zalostno.

  2. Bo

    I have mixed feelings about this billboard.
    I have just seen it in vivo today on my way to work. It’s an ad for the new magazine GEO. It’s advertised under the slogan: “What nature hides – we expose.”
    Now why did they have to show us a sexual intercourse? It is very aesthetically depicted, I must say, but it’s also only the most intimate thing. I guess crowds demand explicit contents, and one ad couldn’t go more explicit than that, right, it’s an x-ray picture!
    I could think of numerous examples “that nature hides, but that we could expose”, and they would suit better for someone to calm and get educated. But perhaps that’s what I am missing; we mustn’t calm down?

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  4. Jayman

    Yes I’ve seen that one too in Croatia when it first came out, for some reason i could not bring myself to stand by the side of the road and photograph it with people passing by. many of them were “covered” before long. Might get some more interested in science – Ha.


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