With all the noise that`s been produces around the playboy posters, I would expect the same or even large scale assault on this billboard – one that is not going to happen.

But seriously, this is more disturbing than the peach of Vipavska valley. When I saw the poster for the first time, I thought it depicts four girls. At a second look, I saw that there are actually two girls and two guys on them. Maybe I should put guys in quotation marks, since they hardly represent the basic minimum required for someone to pass off as a male.

Maybe the company that is running this add (I won`t say its name, but we all know who I am talking about, right?) is trying to push a new definition of male into the main-stream. One that says “Chicken-breasts, no body hair and collagen-filled lips”.

And how about those clothes? I know I will never get the essence of “fashion” but please…what are they, beggars and hobos, summer edition 2006/07? The girl on the left surely represent the prostitute minority in the kings of the street ensamble, the “boy” on the left is a drunk, the girl in the right is a beggar and the last “boy” on the poster is something of a cross-breed between the first three.

Company-which-name-I-won`t-say, get a grip!

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