Blogs got a few minutes of representation in tonight`s “Studio city” show. Jonas, Mojca and Marko were there to represent the united colors of the blogosphere.

First impression? Dazed and confused.

I know that it is really hard to recapture the essence of blogging in under ten minutes, but they were really off the mark. Marko Crnkovič does not understand blogs. At all. He lacks basic knowledge and sticks blogs into the same category as the “ordinary” media. He disregards the basic principle of blogosphere which is INTERCONNECTIVITY. In his mind, blogs are nothing more than a few dislocated webpages, where the authors are explaining the non-existing audience what they had for lunch that day.

Mojca Mavec was quiet most of the time. In her few words, she spoke of readers and community. Short and to the point.

I expected more from Jonas. He went into philosophical debate about the inevitability and expansion, about opinion-making and alternatives. Reasonably good but still…confused.

All in all, for someone who was hearing the concept of blog for the first time and throught the show would be a good starting point…dazed and confused. There were no facts, no interesting tid-bits about how to earn money with blogs, how the blogs influenced the mass-media and how they are providing a valuable alternative, how there are known bloggers through-out the world…they did not even focus on the local blogosphere, exposed some of the more-visited blogs, explained that not all blogs are personal and about food, but that we have some quality-content bloggers out there. Marcel (the host) even mispronounced the word bloggers (blogerji) a few times. Sheesh.

Maybe next time…they`ll get it right. They need basic fact education. Opinions after facts.

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