War of the worlds (the original) just got its successor. Two students of film, Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak decide to build a lie. A supermarket that does not exist, with all the accompanied advertising campaign. Build it and then see what happens.

Ceský sen (czech dream) is a documentary that looks like it was made by Michael Moore. But saying that, I do not mean it`s plagiarism. It`s an inventive and at the same time brutal display of consumer logic that can be find not only in eastern Europe but every where on this world of ours.

The documentary traces the two filmmakers as they pursue Ceský sen, from add-building, content creation, to focus group analysis and the rest. It all amounts to some 2000 people coming to the grand opening of the supermarket, only to be faced with a 10×100 meter “banner” that says “Ceský sen”.

The only thing I did not like was the ending, since the people they interviewed at the end, were not pissed off about it and took it as a good joke. There were only a small few that were angry and dissatisfied. Another thing that I did not like was the comparison with the government campaign for the EU. And how the authors were trying to bring together an idea of a fake supermarket where you can get everything with an idea of the european union. But that is just my opinion. Politics and economics do not blend well in this movie.

Nevertheless, it`s an excellent documentary with a superb conflict building.

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