What happens when two of the best impro-actors decide it`s time to kick it up a notch and create a show that is loosely connected to the improvisational theater and yet it features a script?

Mixed feelings.

On one hand, you have Ana-Marija and Nejc Simčič, ridiculing the world of fashion, glamour and fame and on the other hand you have a series of sketches that are not as connected as one would expect for a “normal” tragi-comedy.

The best jokes are the ones that connect with our real glamour scene, in which two performers are making a joke out of Helena Blagne, Matjaž Tanko and Tamara Vonta and others.

The show`s only flaw is that the plot is not spelled out in great details. The show starts with a fiasco on the model runway and the two famous persons have to recover from it through-out the show, planning their great come-back.

The young authors still manage to pull-off a decent show which is holding up a mirror to those famous and famous-wannabes.

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