Disclaimer – When writing the following article, I was under the impression that both of the Ice age cartoons were done by Pixar. I now know that I was wrong.

Every era must once end. Including the ice age.

The story is bringing back the heroes, the mammoth, the sloth and sabertooth tiger, on another one of their adventures. This time, as usual when doing a sequel, they are accompanied by the variety of other creatures, from turtles, fellow-mammoth and others. And still…

This cartoon sucks everybodies asses. Allow me to elaborate.

The problem with this cartoon is the disneyfication of it. There are numerous objects, relations and creatures that are subjected to it and that includes the humor that is way below the humour, displayed in the first part of this once-awesome cartoon.

In part deux, Manny is feeling sad for supposedly being the last mammoth on earth. Yes. Introducing a sex issue like the extinction of the species is always a bad thing to do. And at the same time is very common for the disneyficated cartoons. So Manny is searching for a she-mammoth who will breed with him and repopulate the planet once again. He finds a mammoth, a female to boot, yet the problem is that she thinks she is a possum. Yes. You heard right. So naturally, she does not want to breed. Manny then has to remember her of her true nature. Yes. Disney, drop dead and eat shit!

Diego is afraid of water. He`s a cat, what can you expect. Yet Sid will teach him how to disobey his instincts and get over the fear. Fuck yeah!

Sid on the other hand is evolving. He is growing to be a responsible, adult sloth, leading his own herd and being a daddy.

And all three characters are threatened by the meltdown. So they head at the far end of the valley, where there`s a boat waiting for them. Animals…headed for the boat. By two and two, hurrah, hurrah…

And it gets better.

When Manny finally convinces Ellie that she not a possum but in fact a hot female mammoth (it`s her ass, you see) and wants to breed with her to fulfill his primal instincts, she refuses. Saying that she will only breed when she wants to. OK, back the fuck up. Animals…breeding…when they want to?

These antropo-animals are really getting on my nerves. I can understand Cars, Robots and super heroes, but doing this to real animals is over the top. Determination…yes. Instinct to survive…yes. Optional breeding…fuck no! Finding Nemo was a classic example how things are done. How animals should be presented. But of course…Pixar was a free man back then. And now…it`s a slave under Disney`s booth.

Because of Disney, Ice age 2 suffers in the humour department as well. No more sexual jokes. No more adult humor. Think Madagascar. Think monkeys and banana jokes. Now bring the ice. And you got Ice Age 2.

Ice Age 2 does a classical mistake. It analyses the prequel and then upgrades the most funny parts of it. And nothing else. Plot is non-existent and lame (see above), graphics are nothing special (no apparent improvement) and even Scrat is doing nothing special. He`s after them nuts. Which is funny…for about ten seconds. And then it turns to boredom.

Forget the meltdown. Keep ice age in good and fond memory. And curse Disney instead.

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