I was not kidnapped after all. A disappointment for some, a relief for others. Like everything in this life.

It was actually a collaborative event, RAI, RTV SLO and ORF. They are hosting a different subject and different location every time (Klagenfurt – Trieste – Ljubljana). This time the subject was “Youth and their first employment”. Interesting. And depressing at the same time.

Here is the photo-proof of the trip.

Botomless pit Parking lot on the top of the garage in Trieste

The Tomb of Isis RAI building entrance

The command center of ICBM RAI recording studio

ze russian general Italian speaker

Launch in 11h:06m:24s On air sign

UN Council Round table speakers

All in all, a nice experience and a pleasant trip, topped off with some nice people. Looking forward for more of them.

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