…and gets burned.

Blogs are becoming more and more mainstream and it`s no wonder that the newspapers are catching on. We`ve seen multiple articles about the mighty blog but the recent one, published in the slovene edition of PLAYBOY takes the cake. At least the rotten piece.

First, the good stuff. The article stretches on three pages, illuminating the world of blogs. It does mention Blogger, Si.blogs site, Carniola and the all mighty Rozina. It compiles knowledge from previous articles on blogs, from Monitor and RTV SLO and it even describes how to start blogging the simplest way possible. So far, so good.


there is ample bad stuff.

First off, the author misspelles the URL of Carniola. Twice. Not every blog ends with .SI suffix. Secondly, the article composes several thoughts from bloggers, as if the author actually interviewed them. This is the famous Pečenko vs. Beebee conflict. Thirdly, the author misinterprets blogs as identity creators (a very common mistake through-out the world). Fourthly, it does not mention the legal issues of blogs (privacy, authorisation and freedom of speech vs. hate speech). Fifthly, the author says “We are close of reaching the 50 million blog mark worldwide” which is an overstatement. Right now, Technorati tracks 36.9 million blogs and with the current reproduction ratio of the blogosphere (doubling in 5 months) it`ll take at least three more months to get that number. So, technical, it`s a lie.

The bottom line is Playboy published an article that brings focus to blogs but then distorts the view by publishing flops like mentioned above. Do blogs really need that kind of publicity?

(Thanks to Aleš for bringing the article to my attention)

I wrote a letter to the slovene edition of Playboy. We`ll see their response.

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