Month: April 2006

Call to arms!

I am seriously considering establishing a blog that would deal with the mystery of blogs. In slovene. Technical and serious. Anybody wants to be a co-author?

Dragulji (Jewels)

What happens when two of the best impro-actors decide it`s time to kick it up a notch and create a show that is loosely connected to the improvisational theater and yet it features a script? Mixed feelings. On one hand, you have Ana-Marija and Nejc Simčič, ridiculing the world of […]

Ceský sen

War of the worlds (the original) just got its successor. Two students of film, Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak decide to build a lie. A supermarket that does not exist, with all the accompanied advertising campaign. Build it and then see what happens. Ceský sen (czech dream) is a documentary […]

Surplus society

This is where we are. This is where we live. The surplus society. Where things run amok. I went to a presentation yesterday. We both did. It was part favour, part let-us-see-what-happens kind of thing. Ecological-savy people got together at the Ecology institute and we listened to three presentation, one […]

In the land of the querried

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Maybe next time…they`ll get it right.

Blogs got a few minutes of representation in tonight`s “Studio city” show. Jonas, Mojca and Marko were there to represent the united colors of the blogosphere. First impression? Dazed and confused. I know that it is really hard to recapture the essence of blogging in under ten minutes, but they […]