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10.04.2006  •  Osebno4

Describe them in a few words. And…go!

Maybe billboards should earn their own category. Seeing how often they appear on my blog recently. This one is really neat. It`s an add for a new science/nature magazine and they are posting unique 3D posters all over the place. One of them depicts a man and a woman making love. In extremo. Already banned


•  Filmi3

Movies that feature any member of the Friends series are not made to be enjoyed. This is turning into a solid rule since not one movie with the Friends bunch is a movie worth watching. Derailed is right up (or should I say down) with the Whole nine yards, Six days, seven nights, Rumor has

With all the noise that`s been produces around the playboy posters, I would expect the same or even large scale assault on this billboard – one that is not going to happen. But seriously, this is more disturbing than the peach of Vipavska valley. When I saw the poster for the first time, I thought

A boat on the lake

08.04.2006  •  Osebno0


Now what?

05.04.2006  •  Osebno3

——- 1 – The word “BAL” is an old slovene word for “DANCE”. And at the same time it`s a misspelled word for an english word “BALL”