There is currently 37.3 million blogs (Technorati) out there. The quality of them differs. I am wondering, can this be even called a blog? Or this? Or even this?

These link-gathering “blogs” are not very far away from this.

Which makes me wonder…why do people do that? Link gathering, posting them without any commentary or opinion (like Jin who writes an opinion and then gives future reading material) on daily basis? Is there a point? Do they honestly think they can beat Google at sorting out the trash of the universe?

It`s the same thing with blog directories, where you have millions of sites gathered into hundered-thousands of directories. So what…now we need a directory of directories?

My 2 cents – Instead of posting endless quantities of links, try writing a critical piece, backing it up with references. This way, you contribute something meaningful to the WWW and at the same time you create something new. Which is what the web is all about, right?

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