Blogs are very hot in Slovenia. Just today when I was walking to luch with Baya, I saw two magazine-titles that caught my eye. The first one said something like “Blog – what is that?” and the other said “Teenage bloggers who murder their mothers“. Needless to say the first title comes from a slovene magazine and the second from an american one. Those crazy yankies, huh?

Blogging is big and it`s all over the place. Everybody wants a piece of the action, but seldom people actually contribute to the development of the subject. Most of them just trails the phenomenon, asking old questions over and over again. “Will blogs kill the mass media?” or “Is blog a thing for crazy persons or can sane people use it too?” and “What the hell is blog anyway and can we put it on out fields?“. These questions have already been answered a thousand times over and are showing the laziness of the journalists who do not have the slightest idea what they are dealing with and are too lazy to investigate the matter further.

Blog-hosting is another thing all mass media companies are trying to get their corporate hands on. What`s the big deal, right? You install some silly software, you design a useless front-end and then you let the people take over. Easy-peasy! Right?


As Delo bLOG learned the hard way there is more to blog hosting than just giving it to the people. Being the first is not always the same as being the best. Or being good for that matter.

Recently, there`s been quite a commotion at Delo bLOG, one that did not go unnoticed. Everybody saw it happening, except for the people who ought to be watching. For them, Pisoj Zobr flew under the radar. And dropped a bomb.

He/She/They managed to hack into the Delo bLOG system and create quite a commotion. First they hacked the rating system, adjusting it so that his blog would be the one and only appearing on the TOP TEN list. Second they started deleting content from other blogs. Any serious admin would not allow that. A user can delete content from other users on the same server? Unheared of!

But that is exactly what happened and all that Delo could come up with was this…

A SORRY response indeed.

We can always blame the hacker for making our system unstable. Or we can learn from his actions, invite him to share the knowledge and maybe even employ him as our security consultat. What do you think Delo will do?

This is a good example of how the mass media is scared of blogosphere and will do anything to get in on it. Even if the attempt is poorly constructed, unsecure and their only aim is to get more money/publicity. Sad but true.

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