Mass media is scared of the blogosphere. Seeing how the blogosphere cannot be controlled and contained as the mass media (there are ample examples of media control through money channels), the mass media (MSM) decided to join the dance.

Their sole and only reason is or was to get on the wagon with the rest of the crowd. Technorati spotted a consistent growth during the past two to three years. If something is that trendy, MSM must know about it.

Blogs are tough to market. You cannot sell blogs which you did not make. You can only sell blogging space. Empty blogging space and hope that bloggers will come, buy your land and then you will have a city full of blogs which will bare your name.

The one and only purpose of blogs hosted by MSM is to boost the MSM itself. They do not care about who, what, when and why, they are just in it for the money and publicity. Because blogs are connected into the blogosphere and get linked to and from all the time, the acivity on the server increases. With the increase of the activity, the whole server gets better Google rating. With a better Google rating, the site appears higher on the Google hitlist.

It`s all there is to it. They are not in it for the promotion of the blogosphere, they do not care about hacks and cracks in the system, they are not after the fame and glory. They just want people to find them faster. By adopting blogs, the MSM is trying to destroy them. Here`s a few reasons:

  • Predefined blog templates are killing blogs. Why? Because every host offers 10+ templates which cannot be altered in any significant way. You can always tell if a blog is under Blogger, Delo or any other webhost. Why? Recognition and the wholesomeness of the server. On the other hand, opinions appearing in such “clone-blogs” do not get the attention needed. Cause they all LOOK the same!
  • Predefined and standardized blog domains ( or are killing blogs. Why? Because everything looks the same and therefor there is no differentiation. What`s cooler? or ?
  • Multiple blogs hosted on the same server makes it easier for the forces of evil to ban them. They just lock onto the server and everything goes down the drain. Multiple servers, tougher time for the bad guys to prevent people to find out the truth about the Tianan square. At the same time, multiple blogs hosted on the same server makes it easier for the administrators to ban the unwanted individual blogs. But that is as pro as it is a con (see: hate speech prevention)

All in all, blogging sites hosted by the MSM are similar to a chicken coop run by a fox. Run for your lives!

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