During world war two, Ljubljana was occupied by the italian forces of fascism. They wrapped a barbed wire around our capitol and build check-points through which you could pass in or out of the city. Beginning in the year 1957, the rememberance walk (*this is my translation and it`s not official, but I did not find any english translation of the “Pohod ob žici” which is the slovene name of the event) celebrated its 50th anniversary and usually more than 10 thousand people participate (last year the total number was 18 thousand). The event takes place around the 9th of May, which is the official holiday of the city of Ljubljana.

The creme de la creme of the event is the trinity run. The tracks stretch all over Ljubljana (see the map ) and this year over 3000 people participated. We did the walk in a slower pace and enjoyed the weather.

The track also known as the green ring of Ljubljana is a natural and cultural monument, re-designed by a well-known architect Edvard Ravnikar.

(More photos in the gallery.)

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