Morning lecture at the faculty of law was super-fine. Despite the morning hour people actually showed up (and in bigger numbers than they would if we were talking about the faculty of social science) and listened to me for 80 minutes non-stop.

I know. Scary.

It went well, despite the fact that the lecture was altered to suit the theme of blawgs and legal issues concerning blogs. I have the mp3 stored on my mini disc and I`ll upload it tomorrow when I get home.

We went to get some coffee afterwards and then it was time for the first (previously unplanned) radio talk. On Student radio of Maribor or MARS. I figured it`s time to slightly move away from the typical “What is blog and how to get it?” and more towards the “Connectivity of blogosphere“. Which where we should all be looking, if we want to keep the party going. RFC.

Right now, Marko, my host, dropped me off in Kibla where I am enjoying the fast internet connecting and some people laughing their head off. The connection part is not a sarcasm.

I am done for today with blogs, so I think I`ll try to get some of my voice back and enjoy the lovely Maribor. To be continued…

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