We went touring the scenes of MFRU (international festival of computer art) on Monday`s evening. Interesting. Some of the pieces of art had little or nothing to do with computer arts, but there were some nice pieces. One of them was FRIDA project by Luka Frelih. In the late late evening, we (Marko, Karmen with a K and I) went to see “Inside man“. Will review it later on.

Tuesday morning started off with a chat on RSi and then I was driven off to the Imagine cup. Which was interesting since I met Saso Papp and another top secret blogger.

After the debate it was time to catch a train and head back. Leaving friendly people, nice city behind and bringing with me a load of experience.

I uploaded some new mp3 files. You`ll notice that the focus of the lectures changed slightly. From “What is blog?” to “What is blogosphere and the problem of interconnectivity?” Which is something we should work on if we want to keep the blog alive, kicking and developing.

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