Val 202 does blogs


1. Featuring artists:

  • Michael Manske
  • Tanja Oblak
  • Vasja Vehovar
  • Gregor Petrič
  • Yours truly
  • Bunch o` people

2. Content:

    Val 202 reporter, Simona Habič, did her homework, managing to avoid almost every stereotype that usually accompanies reporting on the this media. Introducing blogs to a broad audience, explaining the etymology of the word as well as covering the basics in half an hour show.

3. Download location:


2 komentarjev na “Val 202 does blogs

  1. jin

    Spmebody ought to meassure (how?) if all this has any effect on people being more ready to write and read blog. I remember you had a show on Ars. Do you think such shows raise awarenes about blogs or do people simply change the radio station because they are not interested?

  2. domen

    I sure hope these types of shows and lectures have an effect on some people. That people are getting aware of the new media. And that they get ideas of its usage. I am not saying that after they hear a lecture or an interview they run , create their own blog and become the next amanda congdon, but still…if the lectures do as little as inform people of what the blog actually is, then my job is done.


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