mAt asked the question, so here is the answer. And I promise I`ll keep it brief.

Translating something is not just an issue of functionality. For sure, people get used to foreign software and they learn to press the right button, even if they don`t know what the name on the button means. I remember my first moves in the computer world where I would learn the commands by heart, not really knowing the reason and the logic behind them.

There is always a but.

In this case, the translation is an excellent opportunity for expanding the borders of one`s language. Slovene language is very poor on tech-words and I am always trying to push the slovene version, updating and refreshing my mother`s tongue. Which is important, because we would not want to find ourself in a place where the only thing we could describe died twenty-five years ago. Not a very pleasant thought.

Another reason is that people want the software to speak their own language. Despite the fact that most of the IT guys prefer error reporting in english, it`s always nice to be able to click on “Piši” instead of “Write”, on “Objavi” instead of “Publish” and on “Odjava” instead of “Logout”. Feeling secure in the working environment is important.

And as for reason de force…why the hell not?

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