It always feels like a show and tell, doesn`t it? It`s a room, full of people you did not meet for the whole year or even longer walking around and discussing their newest accomplishments, failures and plans.

I hated these types of reunions. Mostly because of these fast-food “friends”, people you spent four years with and then never got back in touch with them. Which is funny since you are picking up these relationships the place you left them. At high school. And eventhough people must`ve changed several times over the years, you still see them the way you saw them 8+ years ago.

However, you also see how people change. How they evolve and devolve. How images you keep in your head can be wrong and how people can and in fact do surprise you.

Class of year 2000 is having a reunion tonight. They did a smart thing and invited just our group, turning the event into a private one. It still means that thereis going to be 25+ people there, but 25 still beats the hell out of the 200. Or even more.

All in all…should be fun.

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