For those of you who are expecting literal instruction on how to kill a pig, here`s a tip – no stress.

Pigs were one of the main jokes of the evening which had an indefinitive effect on the company. In other words, we laughed our asses off.

Four main questions, Are you married?, Did you graduate?, Are you living on your own? and Are you pregnant? were fired on every attending who walked through the doors of the bar next to our Gymnasium. Apparently, these things take a lot of time so the answer was a unanimous NO.

We spend time discussing the adventures of our youth, the mischiefs and mayhems we performed while attending the gymnasium and the way life treated us ever since.

And since photos speak louder than words and jokes are best perceived when surrounded by your ex-school mates who know exactly why mayonnaise is so funny, why german language was one of the toughest and at the same time easiest subjects, here are some photos. You can also check the gallery or download the whole batch in .rar file (11 MB).

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