Lucky number Slevin


This is a big heap of macho bullshit” said Baya while watching the opening sequence of Lucky number Slevin. I shushed her down, trying to focus on the bullshit, liking it more and more.

The plot is simple. A case of mistaken identity, a city run by two bosses, a man with a secret and a girl with a smile. All the ingredients needed for a rollercoaster that combines the best of Bourne Identity and Last man standing.

Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman and sir Ben Kingsley make a powerful trio, backed up by Lucy Liu and Bruce Willis who do their job and do it good.

The execution is a delight. Fast and slo-mo camera add a special touch, colors are vivid and camera angles creative. Although corny-endish and predictive, it still offers enough for the audience not to get bored.

A pop-corn delight.


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  1. Baya

    He shushed me that time, but i still kept saying it’s macho bullshit. The movie has a distinctive target audience – men.

    I agree that the camera is good. And the colours. Technically the movie is well made. And it’s well acted.

    But the story is stupid. It’s simple. Everything is about revenge. Everything IN the name of revenge. I find that childish. And so corny. So predictable. So men-like. No human mind power. Just simple animal instinct. Sad, really.

    And Lucy Liu is totally annoying. Her high pitch voice, squeeking and asking stupid questions in her horrrible voice. I know she’s playing an annoying character, but still. That voice. That jumping around. Argh.

    So in short- men, watch it. Women, don’t expect to get anything from that movie…only Josh’s almost naked body. (imo- he’s too thin, and has no ass, and no chest hair…brrr.)


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