This is a big heap of macho bullshit” said Baya while watching the opening sequence of Lucky number Slevin. I shushed her down, trying to focus on the bullshit, liking it more and more.

The plot is simple. A case of mistaken identity, a city run by two bosses, a man with a secret and a girl with a smile. All the ingredients needed for a rollercoaster that combines the best of Bourne Identity and Last man standing.

Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman and sir Ben Kingsley make a powerful trio, backed up by Lucy Liu and Bruce Willis who do their job and do it good.

The execution is a delight. Fast and slo-mo camera add a special touch, colors are vivid and camera angles creative. Although corny-endish and predictive, it still offers enough for the audience not to get bored.

A pop-corn delight.

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