I work for RTVSLO, on a show called Resnična resničnost (Real reality). The show is going off the air for the summer and two days ago we had our last editorial meeting. We talked about this and that, wrapping up and analysing the season and in the end, the producer said: “Oh, we got some fan mail and we need someone to write something back. Any volunteers?

I opened the envelope and this is what it said

Dear computer scientists!
I`ve been thinking this thing over and over again and finally decided to ask for your help. It was not until I saw your show on the 18th of May 2006 that I realised the way my neighbours are molesting me. They have complete control over my little apartment. It would appear that they are in a possesion of a computer without any keys, because I can feel fingers and a computer mouse all over my body.

If you are willing to help me, I`ll be very grateful. At that time, I`ll go into the details, but for now that is all. I`ll be away from 20.5 till 28.5.2006.


This was definitely not in my job description.

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