Since some of you are anxiously anticipating the tonight`s Eurovision 2006 final, we went ahead. And attended the Improvision 2006 by the theater Narobov.

They pulled off a magnificent performance, surpasing the one you are going to see tonight. Unless the official Eurovision looks up to Improvision this year. Which is not going to happen.

Improvision had it all. Two talkative hosts, ten performers and the award ceremony.

The photos are a bit fuzzy due to the fact that we were not allowed to take pictures and I did it anyway, james bond style (excuses, excuses).

Opening act belonged to a rapping due 2 stotina (2 cents), who rapped about Europe being their true home.

The penguins were next with a catchy tune about the wheel turning. Or not. Depends on what wheel you are thinking of.

Punk-Avril-wannabes with a song about styrian dried flowers (ikebana).

An ethnic band with a singing sheep was doing a song about wool.

Bossa nova band was singing about coconuts. In genuine Portuguese.

Then it was time for some heavy metal rammstein-meets-marilyn-mansons-meets-ministry-meets-dimmu-borgir
band with a heavy childhood who was singing about going back home. A truly devastating experience, we can all agree.

Next was a poppy disco story about rollerskates.

Followed by a mediterranean melos song about fish.

And the closing act belonged to turbo folk band with a song about inflating a cushion. You know, pump it, pump it!

The hosts kept us busy while the jury was counting votes and the victory went to…

two schmucks with a corny tango song only because the leading singer fell on her ass during a performace. A lot like the real Eurovision, nobody voted for them either. And yet they won.

So there you have it, Improvision 2006 that happens every year on the day before the Eurovision. And if you think that the Euro is better than Impro…think again. Hard. Because this was a great show.

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