Sex blogs are the most boring blogs of them all. Seriously, personal blogs are boring, but sex blogs take the cake, the candle and all the presents when it comes to boring the reader. Sure, they are kinky and exciting in the beginning, but let`s get real here…we only have three holes and we mostly use two. So there`s not much of a variety. I`m not saying, if we were to be from Andromeda or some other far away place in the galaxy where we would have the luxury of being in a possesion of multiple holes and other tentacles, we could make the sex talk (not to mention sex on its own) more interesting.

That is why I find sex blogs either very repetative (we all know how it ends, right?) or very shallow. All image, no content. On the other hand, sex is all about content, and there isn`t much of an image.

By writing “Let`s see how long she`ll last“, I was reffering to the fact that either a) you`ll get bored by it and stop writing about your sex-escapades, or b) you`ll turn into a boring drivel about sex and reheating same ol patterns over and over and over again. Like him.

Either way, it may be interesting and exciting for you, but it`s boring and unimaginative for me. But please…prove me wrong.

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