…think twice. I am, of course, talking about the Arena that is located in BTC.

We went there yesterday and we`re never going back again. The reason for going was that we were in the neighbourhood. Nothing more, nothing less.

First of all, you have to pay in advance. WTF is that? Fast food? How am I suppose to know how long will I play?

Second, it was the music. We used to go to pool house Akademija, but that closed down. While it was open, the soundtrack was composed out of jazz/blues musicians like B.B. King, Johnny Coltrane and other fine performers. The music lingered around, just so loud you did not think that the room was silent.

Here…it hits you in a face with a sledge-hammer. And I am not just talking about the volume, I am talking about selection as well. “Pump it, pump it!” simply does not do when one wants to concentrate on the balls.

Certain music attracts certain people. In this case, drunken teenagers who jump around more than they actually play. And when they do play, balls fly all around.

Certain people treat the gear in certain way. In this case, all cues were missing a tip or the tip was badly worn off. And I mean badly. It was like playing with a plastic pen.

Bottom line: Never again.

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