Month: May 2006

To answer your “why”…

Sex blogs are the most boring blogs of them all. Seriously, personal blogs are boring, but sex blogs take the cake, the candle and all the presents when it comes to boring the reader. Sure, they are kinky and exciting in the beginning, but let`s get real here…we only have […]

Improvision 2006

Improvision 2006

Since some of you are anxiously anticipating the tonight`s Eurovision 2006 final, we went ahead. And attended the Improvision 2006 by the theater Narobov. They pulled off a magnificent performance, surpasing the one you are going to see tonight. Unless the official Eurovision looks up to Improvision this year. Which […]

What the hell??

This clean lyrics symptom has got to stop. “The first record of Stephen’s without a parental advisory sticker! This compilation, available only at Wal-Mart stores, “The Wedding Singer” performances, and through this site, consists entirely of previously recorded and released versions of songs from Stephen’s three albums, editied to remove […]

Train block

In a village of Depala vas, the villagers stopped all train trafiic for two hours on friday. The reason? They are demanding a railway gate, because many people got ran over by a train. The protest would make sense except for the fact that right now, the crossing is equiped […]



If you want to amuse yourself, read Večer. Super! They are turning into a multinational band! Is there a new minority in Macedonia? WTF?

Fan mail

I work for RTVSLO, on a show called Resnična resničnost (Real reality). The show is going off the air for the summer and two days ago we had our last editorial meeting. We talked about this and that, wrapping up and analysing the season and in the end, the producer […]