Month: May 2006 – Want in?

I just got invited to Marela by Gašper and with the invitation come four invitations (actually five, but Beebee got the first) for admission. If anybody (four three anybodys actually) wants to know what`s behind door number 1, drop a line. Update: Invitations renew themselves, so no limit is posed […]

Lucky number Slevin

“This is a big heap of macho bullshit” said Baya while watching the opening sequence of Lucky number Slevin. I shushed her down, trying to focus on the bullshit, liking it more and more. The plot is simple. A case of mistaken identity, a city run by two bosses, a […]

How to kill a pig

How to kill a pig

For those of you who are expecting literal instruction on how to kill a pig, here`s a tip – no stress. Pigs were one of the main jokes of the evening which had an indefinitive effect on the company. In other words, we laughed our asses off. Four main questions, […]


Here`s the howto if anybody wants to do its own news page: Ingredients: 1. Aggregator plugin – BDP RSS Aggregator 2. PHP plugin – Exec-PHP 3. Prefered feeds 4. Half an hour Procedure: 1. You upload the PHP plugin into your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it from the dashboard. 2. […]

Highschool reunion or Show and tell

It always feels like a show and tell, doesn`t it? It`s a room, full of people you did not meet for the whole year or even longer walking around and discussing their newest accomplishments, failures and plans. I hated these types of reunions. Mostly because of these fast-food “friends”, people […]