Month: May 2006

Prvi slovenski prevod WordPress orodja za bloge

Update 2 – Dela. Tukaj. Update – Ne dela. Sem umaknil. Bom prevedel še enkrat in upal na najboljše. Slovesno predstavljam prvi slovenski prevod wordpress bloga. Avtor prevoda bi se rad zahvalil Baji in winampu, da sta ga ta dva dni trpela, medtem ko se je zajebaval s prevajanjem besed […]

Payboy responds

see Boy plays with blogs for intro. — Pozdravljeni – na napako v zvezi s Carniolo smo bili opozorjeni že s strani Manskeja (gre za mojo napako, ki je bila zaradi “deadlina” prezrta, kar pa ne bi smel biti izgovor!) – citati (razen tistih, kjer povezam debate z blogov, kar […]

Why DID the chicken cross the road?

Mass media is scared of the blogosphere. Seeing how the blogosphere cannot be controlled and contained as the mass media (there are ample examples of media control through money channels), the mass media (MSM) decided to join the dance. Their sole and only reason is or was to get on […]

“Delo bLOG” lost the battle

“Delo bLOG” lost the battle

Blogs are very hot in Slovenia. Just today when I was walking to luch with Baya, I saw two magazine-titles that caught my eye. The first one said something like “Blog – what is that?” and the other said “Teenage bloggers who murder their mothers“. Needless to say the first […]

WordPress translation

I started translating WordPress into Slovene. I know, some of you are probably going “OMG! He`s going to mess it up completely, what with his poor English languange skills.” Be that as it may, I have a question for you readers. How would you translate: “POP3: premature NOOP OK, NOT […]

Links on blogs

There is currently 37.3 million blogs (Technorati) out there. The quality of them differs. I am wondering, can this be even called a blog? Or this? Or even this? These link-gathering “blogs” are not very far away from this. Which makes me wonder…why do people do that? Link gathering, posting […]