I mentioned VIP blogs (or master-blogs) in my previous post and here I want to expand the matter a little further.

First, here`s a slide from Technorati.

And here is the si.blogs graph, based on the incoming links.

The two graphs are almost identical (apart from the actual numbers).

The peak represents the super-blogs, e.g. blogs who are getting the most linkage (is that even a word?) by the rest of the blogosphere.

Let us name a few reasons why.

1. Blogs get linked because they are cool. They have quality content, they update regulary, the author is responding to readers` comments. A match made in heaven so to speak. And as the blog grows popular, the author gets recognized as well. So the fame of the blog spills over on the author. Case in point: Carniola (I hope I am not offending Michael by saying he was not a celebrity BEFORE Carniola).
2. Blogs get linked because they are written by a well-known person. This situation is exactly the opposite of the prefious point. Which is something the public figures who blog take advantage of. They use their fame to promote the blog, nevertheless the blog sometimes does not correspond with the public image of the person. Case in point: Rozina.si

With each of the categories, there come specific problems.

1. Awarness of being cool – as much as this sounds like a load of bull, some super-bloggers who become that by running a cool blog aren`t aware of their powers. They do not see themselves as top bloggers who actually have a certain amount of influence on the public opinion (or the opinion of the public, depends on the theory). They also fail to see themselves as a role-model for beginners, who sometimes copy the master-bloggers in an effort to be just as cool. Which then leads into a spiral, where everybody is copying off everybody and nothing gets done.

2. Awarness of the community – another factor that certain bloggers do not take into account. Which is a shame, to say the least, since some take their blogs as their private corners of the world where nobody interferes with their train of thought. Which is another thing people should become aware of, the sooner the better. Community. It`s not about you. Or you. Or you. And the sooner people acknowledge other authors and other blogs, the better. Be it by reference, blogrolls or honorable mention. The super-blogs are created by this community. It`s only fair they give something back. And if they don`t, the community ought to be sensible enough to exclude such blogs from their ring. Another thing I’ve noticed is that people sometimes forget their blogroll. Which is absurd, since the blogroll should be composed of blogs which the author prefers. It`s like having three kids and not noticing one of them died.

VIP blogs bring stratification of the blogosphere, they are halting the development of the blogosphere and are keeping the lid on it. Because if the super-blogs don`t move, nothing happens.

However, they are also useful for publicity. Which is the only reason they are being tolerated by the majority and in some cases even liked because of it. Quality comes after publicity in such cases and I bet you anything that if certain posts from Carniola or Zapisi were be published on any other “ordinary” blog, they would not get as much attention (measured in number of comments).

How to stop this stratification from happening? Simple. Think before you link. Catchy, isn`t it? I am not telling you who you should link or who you should not link and as far as I am concerned, you can only link to Zapisi, Carniola and si.blogs directory. All I am saying is that referencing to someone who has no business with you, who blogs about completely different things than you and who is cheap when he comes to linking back really does more bad than good. To you, to him and to everybody else involved. That is all.

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