It`s truly amazing.

It`s the way people in Slovenia still aren`t used to the concept of tabloid-papers. When will they realise that it`s their job to suck, just like the job of a bomb is to blow up. The whole debate about how the tabloids suck and how they ought to shape up just shows that people have no idea about what they are dealing with here.

Tabloids are a machine. Well-oiled, mean machine which has only one goal. Profit. And it`s doing that (more or less) by publishing not news as some might expect, but pure prose. Tabloids are fiction. And the sooner people start perceiving them as fiction, the better.

But as long people will think that tabloids are something to be battled with and something that deserves their attention, the market will blossom. Suits them right.


Direkt and Demokracija, two of the leading not-newspapers in Slovenia apparently got fined for publishing personal data that is protected by the law. The fines are 1.200,000 SiT (approx. 5000 Euros) for each of the papers. The editors tried to state their case by claiming freedom of speech, but the Information Commisioner Nataša Pirc Musar stated that after reviewing similar cases in the EU, their claim does not stand.

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