Since the theatrical choice is poor, a private DVD library will have to do.

The Forgotten looks like a “Sixth sense” spin-off where a mother is having tough time facing the loss of her child. Everybody else is trying to convince her that there was no child in the first place and that all she is experiencing is a strange version of post-traumatic stress disorder.

But Telly Pureta (Julianne Moore) says “Bollocks to that!” and off she goes in the search of truth, happiness and the annoying kid who waves through-out the whole movie.

She hooks up with another parent who lost his kid in the same strange sort of way and together they fight the evil nazis NSA agents, psychiatrists and aliens.

Yes, aliens. Not the ones that are hopping across Mexico-American border but the ones that comes in space ships and say: “Take us to your leader!

The movie sucessfully avoids every cliche of a thriller-horror genre and there are a few moments that will make you jumping out of your seat. However, the ending could not be worse if Stephen Spielberg directed it.

There is an alternate version of the ending on the DVD and I thought that they did a corny one for the fans and a sad one for the ones who were actually paying attention to the storyline. I was wrong. Alternate corny ending is nothing different from the original corny ending.

The movie suffers from another error and that is underestimating the IQ of the viewer. Or maybe me and my sis are really that smart. The usual routine would go something like this:

A: Why are they doing that? It does not make any sense…

*pause during which the audience realises that the actions DO NOT make any sense and realises the truth*

A: I got it! <-- as if the viewers need verification of their own conclusions. Nevertheless, the movie does offer a decent dose of scary-thrills which should keep you satisfied for an hour. Fair enough.

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