You can always tell when the summer is coming. It`s when the theaters are overun with blockbusters. Between The Da Vinci Code, Mission impossible 3 and X-men 3, I chose the latter. I`m guessing it would not matter anyway.

Magneto is at it again. This time the government has come up with a cure for mutations which Magneto wants to destroy to prevent the people turning mutants into regular homo sapiens. Charles Xavier and his merry (wo)men are of course against it, claiming that every mutant should have a chance and a choice. The whole thing is based on the slogan “Diversity or death!” and it feels like a UN commercial.

The movie is a tad overloaded on the CGI. It`s like the render guys had a couple of days they could spare so they added somewhat unnecessary animation and tricks into the whole thing. Or maybe I am getting too old for this shit.

All in all, nothing too breath-taking, but on the other hand, a nice excuse. Sometimes that`s all you need.

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