It`s so funny reading the comments from the people who went to the Ljubljana Depeche mode concert. From the looks of it, I`d say the concert sucked big time.

Here are links to some of the bloggers who attended the concert.

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I did not attend and this is only my biased opinion of the event. Please, I hope this will be enough for the people who think that I am too assertive and want things to happen my way and my way alone. This is just me.

First of all, I do not understand following the group around on their tour. OK, I do understand…but I don`t. It`s like buying a really expensive CD. Same band, same playlist, same performance. And I can guess what you are going to post in your comments.

Second of all, some of the spectators complain that Depeche mode have a routinized way of playing their songs. Hello??! The band`s been playing the same ol` song for the last twenty years. Routinized? How bored would you be if you`d be saying the same words, same exact words for the last quarter of a century?

Third, for a certain part of the audience, they are gods no matter what. No comment on that one. Maybe just this -> critical judgement

And fourth, a quote from, in my opinion, the most annoying blogger in the slovene blogosphere. “It`s about time I become depeche mode fan myself“. How the hell does one do that? How do you become a fan? Fucking sheesh really.