Some have to break their own computer to get away from blogging. Others just don`t know what to say to wrap things up. There are some who blog despite all the crap life throws at them.

And then there`s moi.

For the past few days, there were two things on my mind. Her degree and my exams. Both went surprisingly well, considering all the “blue screen” scenarios we were spinning around in our heads.

Now it`s high time to blow this popsicle stand and get the hell out of Dodge. To the beach!

We will do it in reasonably low tech style of course. No fancy gadgets (apart from a phone and camera), no worries and no work-related stuff. We`ll leave that back home, safely tucked away in the “Work” folder while we enjoy the items in the “Fun” folder. It was high time to do it.

We`ll see you at the beach, boys!

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