…what would you think the poster is selling? a) A minor hot XXX line? b) A pre-paid phone offer? c) A safe house for molested children? I know that kids sell, but this one is fucking creepy. Never mind the mouth, her eyes looks like she is was threatened at gunpoint for doing this commercial.

Who said it?

18.06.2006  •  Osebno5

“This weekend, seventeen youths killed in gang homicides. Now sports.” Post in comments.

It`s so funny reading the comments from the people who went to the Ljubljana Depeche mode concert. From the looks of it, I`d say the concert sucked big time. Here are links to some of the bloggers who attended the concert. Andrej Tozon`s blog Guttierrez blog Blok Enjoying my ride Chewaps dimension Zandi`s musing Blodnjak

A: Billa je treba zrušit čisto iz principa…ne morjo windowsi pa office koštat več kot cel računalnik… — A: Bill (Gates) must go down…you cannot expect people paying more for windows and office than they did for the whole computer. Remark: Windows and Office licence costs 40.000 sit (166 Euro) for Windows XP Pro and

Boys will be boys…

14.06.2006  •  Osebno0

A: And now for some mačo bulšit B: Jes? A: Ver igls der! A: Evo da vidm če boš uganla B: Where eagles dare B: Kaj je to? A: clint eastwood, richard burton, blonde bimbo no.3, akcija, kri, puške! naciji! mačooo!! B: poletje je tu, a? A: sam še surov šnicl morm met tle, da

Since the theatrical choice is poor, a private DVD library will have to do. The Forgotten looks like a “Sixth sense” spin-off where a mother is having tough time facing the loss of her child. Everybody else is trying to convince her that there was no child in the first place and that all she

The current slovenian government is doing its job. The Metelkova must die! No matter what, the buildings that form this artistic community must fall. It`s so funny how the powers that be are concerned with three puny little shacks that it`s really surprising that they did not send the army at them. With theirs newly

You can always tell when the summer is coming. It`s when the theaters are overun with blockbusters. Between The Da Vinci Code, Mission impossible 3 and X-men 3, I chose the latter. I`m guessing it would not matter anyway. Magneto is at it again. This time the government has come up with a cure for

Directing the Direkt

13.06.2006  •  Osebno5

It`s truly amazing. It`s the way people in Slovenia still aren`t used to the concept of tabloid-papers. When will they realise that it`s their job to suck, just like the job of a bomb is to blow up. The whole debate about how the tabloids suck and how they ought to shape up just shows

Want a pony?

12.06.2006  •  Osebno9

Everybody want a pony right? But nobody wants to clean up after it, take it for strolls and feed the beast. Introducing Another one of those web 2.0 applications which follow Orkut, Flickr and others. What it does is collects your songs with a help of a plugin. Perhaps you did not know, but there