Month: July 2006

Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead man`s chest

Sequel generally suck. No, I will not go into the debate about which actually suck and which do not, but if there is a trilogy, usually the second part is the weakest. It`s a bridge between 1 and 3 and therefor must not reveal too much and at the same […]

Books of the summer 2006

Nick Hornby – A long way down There`s something about Nick. It`s either his humor, his way of getting the colors out of the most bleak matter on the planet or both. A long way down tells a story about a group of people that decides to end it all…and […]

2 hot 4 me!

The seaside dash turned into the descent into the abyss of heat. I don`t know if any of the bloggers noticed that, but this year, the heat was literally unbearable. Almost felt like friggin Africa! Here`s the latest on the L files: – due to an unforseen miracle, I passed […]

Week-end sails

Week-end sails

Friday was a rush-hour day. So many things, so little time to wrap everything up and head for the Portorož for a three-day sailing school. And since this was a sailing school the engine decided to die the second we turned it on. Who needs it, when you have sails, […]