2 hot 4 me!


The seaside dash turned into the descent into the abyss of heat. I don`t know if any of the bloggers noticed that, but this year, the heat was literally unbearable. Almost felt like friggin Africa!

Here`s the latest on the L files:

– due to an unforseen miracle, I passed all my exams and am now anticipating the job at Dnevnik.si – which starts tomorrow. At 3 pm.

– Since the heat was unbearable we mostly hid inside, reading books. 17 au total. Reviews follow.

– due to an unforseen upgrade, the photos will be available shortly.

– my newest addiction is Brainiac – science abuse show on Discovery channel.

How was your summer?


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  1. Mitja

    I’ll be holidaying in the southern hemisphere in August and then a bit in the northeren one in the second half of September. I don’t anticipate any problems with the heat.

  2. novala

    The heat in Crna Gora was unbearable, too. The pebbles at the beach too hot to walk on. But Mostar was worse – around 45°C. Sarajevo, though, was perfect. Hot, but not too much. And cool enough at night.

    Unfortunatley, I ended up with food poisoning and am still sick. *sigh*


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