Sequel generally suck. No, I will not go into the debate about which actually suck and which do not, but if there is a trilogy, usually the second part is the weakest. It`s a bridge between 1 and 3 and therefor must not reveal too much and at the same time it must not conceal too much, otherwise the audience would not give a rat`s ass about the third installment.

The sequel finds our love birds arrested for helping captain Jack Sparrow escape. Jack Sparrow finds himself in a role of a cannibal tribe leader. And there are bad things lurking in the waters of the Carribean.

The Pirates decide to cash in on the old glory. Jack still has the charisma, Will still has its boyish looks and Elisabeth…erm…well, let me put it gently. If she would die in part one, it would not hurt anyone. First, there`s the role. Which does not serve anybody. She`s just a screaming, cross-dressing tomboy who wants to look tough, sweet, sexy and raw at the same time. Ain`t gonna happen, honey. Most of the time, she looks like a transvestite with a bad taste in clothing. Second, there`s the execution of the role. Keira cannot act. End of story. Let`s move on.

The bad guys are Davy Jones and his gang. Which look like somebody casted them for Star wars but they did not make the cut. So they joined the Pirates crew. Ghosts in part one worked so much better.

Dialogues are still amusing and a good laughing material, but the plot lacks the content. It`s the plague of the second part of a trilogy. You have to stitch 1 and 3 together. And the stitches are usually very sloppy. And so Pirates decide to spin around the same corner a few times. Too many. The Kraken, a monster that is under the control of Davy Jones gets to work overtime, swallowing one ship too many. It also manages to destroy the Black pearl which in part one looked like the mothership, but in part two actually looks a lot like a canoe.

Is it as good as part one? No. Is it worth seeing in theater? Yes and no. Compared to everything else that`s rolling around our cinemas right now, it`s above average. But in general…no. Disney shows its money-grabbing face with this one and let`s hope that the conclusion of this trilogy will not be like that Kraken. Soggy and very very sucky.

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