30.08.2006  •  Filmi2

They are funny. They speak slovene. And that makes them even funnier. This will actually not be a post about the movie itself but rather about the joys and splendors of a synchronized cartoon. It`s almost like a brand new movie and I think that`s the main attraction of this cartoon. Of course, there`s always

The wonders of parenthood

29.08.2006  •  Osebno14

Now, me and lady Baya have an agreement. Until further notice…no kids. Some have other type of agreement. Kids! Lots of them! Kids by the barrel! They are called parents and they form a very tight blogging sub-community. Some are OK, some are medicore but some…some really take the Bizzaro-Mondo cake. There are three layers

The sentinel

26.08.2006  •  Filmi5

Oh. My. God. When did Michael Douglas start playing C-rated action movies? Who also feature Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger? And which have as much story as the first page of a Mickey mouse comic book? It happened. And that`s all I am going to say about this. The L files…watching shit so that you

Only this time, I did call the police. Wonder if it`ll help.

The five o`clock crew

24.08.2006  •  Osebno0

There`s always the same bunch of people waiting for the first bus to arrive at five twenty in the morning. There`s this young kid with a sport billy bag, an older woman who smokes and me. We don`t talk to each other, as the hour is way too early for any meaningful conversation. We just

Since working for Dnevnik, there`s a certain phenomenon I would like to share with you. It concerns our president, Janez Drnovšek and his website, Gibanje za razvoj in pravičnost. I am not going to debate his views or his agenda, the amazing thing I noticed is that the media is treating that site like the

A: “On je športnik, v prostem času pa metalc.” — A: “He`s a jock, but in his spare time, he listens to metal”

You know how smokers go: “I gotta go and have a smoke!” when shit happens and they don`t know how to deal with? What do non-smokers do?

Sarajevo memorabilia

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