Apparently, that`s the new slogan and market approach by the begging lot. True story follows…

I finish work at seven thirty in the evening. I grab my mp3 player, set it to Gotan project, pump up the volume and walk outside. There`s a few drops of rain here and there, but nothing too serious. I cross the marketplace, workers cleaning up the leftovers food-sellers left, walk across the bridge and Presern`s square, up the Chopova street and wait for the bus at the bus stop. There`s a few people here and there, observing the road as cars swish by. Over the Gotan project soundtrack that drowns the noise of the street, some words break in. “…do you?

I remove my headphone and turn around, trying to locate the sound. “That`s it, turn your back on me. You goddamn christian!

I finally realise where the sound is coming from. It`s a she. Dressed in a jacket, jeans, yellow boots. She`s wearing a backpack. “Christian?” I ask, astonished. “Nothing, nothing” she mumbles and draws away. I hear her asking another passer-by “Do you have any money? I only need ten tollars for the bus!” The passer-by shakes his head and walks away. She spits after him. Tells him to go fuck himself.

Then a tall skinny guy joins her. He is wearing jeans and a jumper. They are both wearing backpacks and what surprises me the most, they are drinking bottled water when they ask people for money. Like it`s a hobby.

They compare their earnings and the guy takes a walk around the bus stop. Asking people for money. Getting really upset when they ignore him. “For fucks sake!” he curses “how hard it is to give me 100 tollars?!

At that point I start thinking of calling the police. The station is only a few 100 meters away. These two are bugging the hell out of everybody, calling them names and spitting them in their backs.

My bus comes. I get up, finding a seat. They still walk around, asking people for their cash. Probably calling them christians as well.

The soundtrack Lunatico takes over.

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