If you checked the homepage of the Dnevnik newspaper you probably noticed my name written under the title of the articles. No, I am not the news, but rather I make the news.

The most amazing part of the whole thing is that the stupider the news, the more people are going to read it. We`ve been monitoring visits on dnevnik.si and you wanna know which news made the most traffic?

No, it was not Lebanon. No, it was not the current incident with Tomo Križnar. And no, it was not The two Js conflict. It was…


Texas Sheriff gets his HUMVEE umpfhed!

I mean it. It was some bullshit news about a sheriff who bought a custom-made humvee. Two whole piece was 8 rows long and the only real information one could get out of the whole article was the technical stuff about the car.

Back to the title question. Because of my working hours, I can now sleep longer in the mornings and stay up longer (yay!) at nights. Which sucks. Since stuff happens in the daytime.

The thing I wanted to rant about but by now I`ve lost all my ranting power so I`ll just say it in a normal voice, is that I got an answer from GZS about Netko reward. They now want a written statement sent in by snail mail in which I am notifying them about the change of the categories in which I want the Si.blogs portal to run. It`s really
amazing how these people are still calling it the NETKO award. It should be named PAPKO* award. Cause that`s what they are. Good nite.

* For non-slovene speaking folks, PAPEK means the same as SCHMUCK.

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