Not gonna waste two posts for this, so here it goes…

An American Haunting

This is supposedly the most documentated case of super-natural activity in the USA where a ghost actually killed a person. Or so they say. The movie starts in the present, then jumps back to the past, tells the story and jumps back to the present. Very annoying and completely pointless cause the jump back happens two minutes before the movie ends. And the whole story is nothing more than a child abuse disguised as a horror flick. Boo-hoo-hoo. Even Donald Sutherland cannot save this one. Avoid at all costs or see for the educational example of how things ARE NOT made.

The Break-up

…is a romantic comedy that tries to be funny, romantic and serious at once. It fails miserably and Jennifer Aniston displays yet another role where she could as easily be replaced by a plant and nobody would notice any difference. The movie tells a story about two characters falling in love at a football game and two years later decide that they are not meant to be. The movie shows female superiority over man (both physical as well as mental), which makes you wonder why the fuck did she go with the schmuck in the first place. On the other hand, the male character is portayed as an idiot who only plays video-games, does nothing and has a job as a tourist guide. Very sucky-sucky.

The L files…watching shit so that you don`t have to.

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