Since working for Dnevnik, there`s a certain phenomenon I would like to share with you.

It concerns our president, Janez Drnovšek and his website, Gibanje za razvoj in pravičnost.

I am not going to debate his views or his agenda, the amazing thing I noticed is that the media is treating that site like the well of souls. Everything that the president says gets reproduces almost instantly on every general media website, be it Delo, Dnevnik or Večer. It does not even get analysed, it just gets copy-pasted and maybe paraphrased.

I understand that political communication is changing and that the web is taking number one spot on the media scale. I am aware of the power of blogs and the speed of the web, combined with the simpleness of the interface.

What I do not understand is the copy-paste part of the equation. Are journalists so hung up on His words that they are treating them like words of…erm…a deity? Stone slabs with commandments? And on the other side, if his site is so succesful, why the hell aren`t the other mimicking it? Why are they mocking it and neglecting it?

Go figure.

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