Beggars XP, part deux.


Only this time, I did call the police. Wonder if it`ll help.


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  1. Michael M.

    A few days after you posted the original story, I saw a couple doing the exact same thing on Jurčičeva in Maribor. They asked an old guy if he was a Christian, followed-up with a very modest request for money, and then reacted angrily when they were rejected. This town is small enough that you quickly recognize all of the local beggars and vagrants, but I’d never seen them before or since.

    Maybe they’re on a nationwide tour.

  2. cookie

    No, no…in my case…being a christian was supposed to be a bad thing since apparently chistians ignore them and don`t give them money. They used it as a curse word for people who just went on or told them to get a fucking job 😀


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