Now, me and lady Baya have an agreement. Until further notice…no kids.

Some have other type of agreement. Kids! Lots of them! Kids by the barrel!

They are called parents and they form a very tight blogging sub-community. Some are OK, some are medicore but some…some really take the Bizzaro-Mondo cake.

There are three layers of bizzarness I want to adress here. And if you`ll start with “Why are you reading it then?“…please.

Layer no. 1 – The details

The blog is rich with data and regulary updated, the only problem is that most of the data is pure unfiltered crap. OK, I am not exactly content man myself, but please…you don`t have to blog every time your kid takes a shit. And one other thing…all young parents bitch about how hard it is to handle a kid. And they have time to blog about it as well? Something`s off here…

Layer no. 2 – The language

This is one of those blogs when you have to double-check the age of the blogger. It`s like “Damn, this kid is dumb” and then realizing “Holy shit! He`s 25 years old!“. If your vocabulary turns into this when you become a parent, I`m getting vasectomized today!

Layer no. 3 – The content

I see parenting blogs as a learning tool mostly. Sharing the experience, making it easier for the ones that are having a baby after you. This blog is saying – become a parent, loose a brain. Very creepy. There`s not a single shred of decent information that is relevant to the young parents.

Summa Summarum – Scary and bizzare. This is almost like Smrketa blog. Only worse.

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