They are funny. They speak slovene. And that makes them even funnier.

This will actually not be a post about the movie itself but rather about the joys and splendors of a synchronized cartoon. It`s almost like a brand new movie and I think that`s the main attraction of this cartoon. Of course, there`s always the “what you see first appeals to you the most“, but I think that we the old people are used of getting our cartoons served in slovene language with the immortal Marko Okorn and Gojmir Lešnjak.

They still have to buff certain aspects of synchronising, you can feel a joke coming on and then it dulls out due to the synchronisation, but the overall impression is very very very good. I think I laughed the hardest at Cars (compared to Nemo and Incredibles).

Storyline`s a classic Disney, although there is a slight twist at the end (as much as you can even expect twists in cartoons). And the computer details (of course) are astonishing.

Favourite voice-overs:

Ramone – Branko Završan
Luigi – Miha Žorž
Guido – Danilo De Girolamo
Kori Turbowitz – Helena Petelin

Local slovene accents are going to save them all!

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