Month: August 2006

Two stupid movies

Not gonna waste two posts for this, so here it goes… An American Haunting This is supposedly the most documentated case of super-natural activity in the USA where a ghost actually killed a person. Or so they say. The movie starts in the present, then jumps back to the past, […]

For your viewing pleasure…

…I got up at seven o`clock, cursing as my alarm clock did not ring at five. I guess it was too early even for it. Running to Dnevnik, just so I could upload the morning edition (and no, you cannot do it from home) and then writing an article about […]

Who would you trust?

Based solely on these two statements, tell me who would you trust. Janice, 22, New York – “I hate this movie. If anything, I would go and see it with my husband, but then I`d have to leave my kids with my sister and she hates that.” or Jack, 54, […]

..and another thing

…would people PLEASE stop writing post about blogging? More specifically, would people PLEASE STOP wondering about the reasons that turn a person into a blogger? Or if not, would they provide some meaningful information on why did THEY create a blog. Cause now, all you have are questions. Jesus, it`s […]

Why aren`t I in bed already?

If you checked the homepage of the Dnevnik newspaper you probably noticed my name written under the title of the articles. No, I am not the news, but rather I make the news. The most amazing part of the whole thing is that the stupider the news, the more people […]

A comment

It turns out, this blog IS international. You remember my awfully long book report post I wrote when we came back from the sea-side? Of course you do. Well, as it turns out, one of the authors of the books I read spotted it and left me a comment. How […]

A short lecture in blog vocabulary

or For fucks sake! Because I have come across numerous examples of people blogging and not really getting the hang of the blog lingo, here`s a crash-course in blog vocabulary. Remember it and use it well! — A blog… a web page, ordered by date, in which the blogger is […]

There`s a pattern somewhere…

1. l files 2. the l files 3. marlene ottey+slovenia 4. -piogram files- 5. cannibal pot blog 6. schappi prevod 7. blog girl photo 8. jack sparrow essay 9. “red bull soapbox” 10. kraken 11. marlene ottey photo 12. lfiles 13. picture of a dead horse 14. titless girls 15. […]


A: Lej kok ma glavo čudno, take mičkene oči…pa lej…se ji rebra vidijo.. B: Nogce pa mal bl okrogle… A: Ja…a smo pr mesarju al kaj? — A: Look at her weird head, squinty eyes…and look…you can see her ribs… B: Legs are a bit more round… A: What is […]